Q – The Plan to Save the World

This is an improved version of Joe M.’s great video “Q – The Plan to Save the World – REMASTERED” that was created in 2019. Please share this widely!

The Plan to Save the World communicates a fundamental understanding of what is going on in our world and why we have Q. It is a 40,000-foot overview that explains so many things. You may initially appreciate it as a story, a fantasy. Or you may see it cynically as politically motivated lies. But for those who have followed Q for over 6 years, this is the frame that the pieces fit into. It is the first “big picture” view that makes sense of what we are discovering, and the last story you will hear about on the mainstream news. When you understand The Plan to Save the World, you will have a better understanding of why Donald Trump was elected president and what exactly is meant when he talks about “draining the swamp.”


  1. Batman !!!
    Well Done & Triple Bravo!!!
    This film is gorgeous to me.
    It’s production style encompasses all kinds of heavenly dreams in my soul. The “best” is yet to come, I declare. Not sure what the best is referring to yet , however I declare taking a tiny leap of faith once again. Here we go.
    I shared this post with my most precious family & friends to do a test run. All in a state if cognative disconence presented in multiple situations over years (so pretty ill belief systems we are dealing with for certain). Honestly after 10 years of neglect & abuse from all of them towards my patriotism, I have been terrorized in my own ways. Call me crazy. They do.
    Good luck patriot family. The scales on the eyes of the m-k ultra’ed( including me still )are thicker than my imagination lets me comprehend at times. It astounds me endlessly.
    Never ever give up. Forward. March … … …

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