Treasonous Crimes Being Exposed, [DS] Preparing For Zero-Day, Countermeasures In Place

How About A Nice Game Of Chess? Check, Checkmate, Time To Show The World The Truth

25th Amendment Coming For Biden, How Do You Sneak One In, [DS] In A Deep Panic

It’s Time To Unleash Trump’s Plan To Destroy The [DS], The Narrative Shift Trap

Trap Has Been Set, Biden In The Spotlight, Think Mirror, Year Of The Boomerang

Spotlight Turned On Big Pharma, Truth Belongs To The People, They Were Warned

Control Has Now Been Transferred To The Patriots, Panic In DC, Information Warfare

The Monster Of Corruption Will Be Exposed To The Public, Good Things Sometimes Take Time

The Establishment Was Shoved Into The Spotlight, Pain, Optics Are Important

Trump Just Flexed His Muscle, It’s All About Control, Watch What Happens Next

The [DS]/[D]s Have Lost Control, Patriots In Control, Did Trump Just Hint At Something? Boom

Public Is Learning The Truth, Trump Was Right About Everything, Castle Cleaning In Progress

Horrible Things About To Happen To Many Corrupt Politicians, Consequences, Wrays Of Light

The [DS] Plans Are Falling Apart, Corrupt Politicians Begin To Exit, Panic In DC

People Awake Is The [DS] Greatest Fear, Biden Is Falling Into Every Trap Trump Set

[D] Corruption & Election Interference, [DS] Fighting For Their Lives, Something Big Coming

The Conspiracies Are Now Truth, It All Goes Back To The Election, Supreme Court On Deck

Trump Just Turned The Table On Biden, This Is Just The Beginning, Buckle Up

Scavino Sends Message, FBI Panics, Trump Counters The [DS]

FBI & Twitter Colluded In The 2020 Election, Advocating Overthrow Of Government

How Do You Introduce Evidence Into An Investigation, Trump Hints At Military Tribunals

Trump Outsmarted The [DS] On Election Interference, They Never Expected To Lose Twitter

Fake News Trapped, Will The Sleeper Awaken, The Country Is Sick, We The People Are The Cure

Coup De Grâce Coming, The Tide Is Turning, Political Warfare, Information Warfare

It Has Begun, Trump Counters The [DS], IBOR, Comey Before Declas

Major Announcement From Trump, America Needs A Superhero

Child Traffickers Exposed, The Information War Has Moved To The Next Phase, Extreme Panic

Setting The Stage, 18 US Code 2385, Knowingly Advocating Overthrow Of The Gov

Release Of Twitter Files Is Just The Warm Up Act, Declass, Pain, Treason, Sedition, Justice

Those Who “Knowingly” Broke The Law [Treason] Are The Most Vocal, Narrative Control Lost

[DS] Is Building The Domestic Terrorist Narrative, They Are Walking Right Into The Trap

Optics Are Important, Foreign Emoluments Clause In Focus, Operators Active

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