The Greatest Story NEVER Told!

Dad Speaks On CRT Cabarrus County School Board Meeting Live 2-14-2022

Another Piece Of The Storm Is Put Into Place The Hunt Is On Panic In DC

CIA Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird How Media Is Manipulated By The Deep State

Operation Mockingbird CIA Director William Colby Testimony Before The Pike Committee

Operation Mockingbird CIA Influenced Media

Operation Mockingbird Full Documentary

Trump Confirmed, Nothing Can Stop This, Nothing, Believe!, Truth Is A Force Of Nature

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected (2016)

THE STRAWMAN EFFECT 1 – The Trap – Birthing Certificates – Voluntary Slaves – Banking Law – Human Farming

THE STRAWMAN EFFECT 2 – People Need to Know About This!


The Most Important History Lesson Americans Were Never Taught

The Act of 1871 Explained

Scare Event Being Pushed, Trump Messaging It’s Almost Time, Only At The Precipice

FBI Whistleblower – The Enemy Within

Only Q Man

It’s Always Good To Be Underestimated, The Old Guard Is In The Process Of Being Destroyed

The Narrative Has Shifted, FBI/DOJ/[DS] Exposed, The Truth Is Right In Front Of Everyone

Juan O’ Savin: 10 Days Of Darkness Coming!! Be Prepared!!!

UNCOUNTED: The New Math Of American Elections

UNPRECEDENTED: The 2000 Presidential Election

Murder, Spies & Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story

Stealing America: Vote By Vote

Hacking Democracy

The Plot to Steal America

The Plot Against The President

Space Force Is Very Important, The Lies Are About To Be Exposed, Judgement Is Coming

Kill Chain – The Cyber War on America’s Elections

Deep Rig – How The 2020 Election was Rigged!


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