Pre Public Awareness Operational, Like Clock Work, Attacks Will Intensify 9-20-2022

75th RANGER REGIMENT – Rangers lead the way – Q Special Forces


[DS] Is Scared & Desperate, Information Warfare, DOD Investigates Psyop Program 9-19-2022

Wake Up America – It’s Time To Tell Everyone The Truth

Men Of Honor – [T]he [P]erfect [S]torm

[T]he [S]torm [I]s [H]ere

[DS] Has No Idea Of The Sleeping Giant They Have Awoken, Nothing Can Stop This 9-18-2022

All Wars Are Bankers Wars

Monopoly – Who Owns The World? A Documentary

Power of Silence – Bards Fm

The Act of 1871 and The New Republic – Bardsfm

By and for the People – Act of 1871 – Bardsfm

Putin obliged to name a falcon ‘STORM’ when visiting an enclosure Russia’s Far East

Going To War – Billy Falcon

Last Flag Standing – Russell Jay Gould

War Castles: National Secret Currency. (Part 2)

War Castles: The Masonic System Of Global Command & Control (Part 1)

The Q Plan is “Legendary” (Trump & JFK Jr) WWG1WGA

DOJ, FBI Trapped, Stupid Move Next, Trump Ready To Play His Hand, PANIC In DC


Quantum Financial System (QFS) Explained

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Durham Sends A Message Before Trial, The Majesty Of The United States Is Gone 9-14-2022

“Logik’s View” Special Guest: Tammy Clark! Stand Up MI

Equal Justice Under The Law [As Written], Declas Coming, Storm Is Coming, Pain Coming 9-13-2022

President Trump – ‘Calm Before the Storm’

The Act Of 1871 – Two Constitutions – The U. S. Turned Into A Corporation – District of Columbia, D.C.

2000 Mules Full Movie by True The Vote!

The Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States

The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 – The 14th Amendment

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