Constitution Is In Play, Rigging The Election Now In The Spotlight, Trap Set

Trump:”Unprecedented Fraud Requires Unprecedented Cure”, There Is Only One Way

[DS] Running Low On Ammunition, Wait For It, Many Are Falling Into The Trump Quicksand

The Storm Has Been Initiated, [DS] Reports A Storm Is Approaching, Buckle Up

FBI & Now Twitter Involved In Manipulating The Elections, [DS] Election Rigging Exposed

Elon:“This Is A Battle For The Future Of Civilization”,There Is No Other Way, Info Warfare

Evidence Already In, The [DS] Got Caught, It’s Perfectly Documented For All To See

Official Secrets Ready To Be Revealed, [DS] Moves To Blackout The Information

[DS] Intelligence Op No Longer Works On The People, Extreme Panic

Fake News Exposed, RINO’s/D’s Pushed Into Position, Trump Has Everything

AZ Counties Will Not Certify Election, The World Is Fighting Back & Destroying The Cult

[DS] Playbook Known, Trump On Twitter, The Pieces Of The Storm Are Coming Together

How Do You Control The Narrative? Old Guard Power Structure Being Destroyed, trap Set

A Clean House Is Very Important, Harvest Will Be Delivered To The Public For Consumption

America’s Comeback Starts Right Now ,The Decision On Timing Was Always Left To Trump

What Happens If Both Parties Are Corrupt? Put An End To The Endless, Let’s Finish This

Trump – Tomorrow Will Be One Of The Most Important Days In History, Sleepers Exposed

Civil War Has Begun, Swamp Exposed & Draining, Election Fraud, Setting The Stage

Enemy At The Front Door, Let The World Witness The Truth, Storm Is Coming

The Jackals Reveal Themselves, Panic, Think Chess, What Was The Target?

There Are Always Casualties In War, [DS] System Is Coming To An End, Taking Control

[DS] Using Election Delay Tactics, [FF], Fraud Exposed, Red Tsunami Hitting

Forced [DS] Exposure,The World Is Witnessing The True Identity Of The D Party

Panic Everywhere, Power Belongs To The People, Are You Ready To Take Back Control

11.11 Strategic Marker, Red October In November, Blood Moon On Election Day

Biden/[DS] Are Building The [FF] Narrative, Obama Panics, Scavino Sends A Message

Trump Sends Message: Looking Forward To Beginning The Battle, Rig For Red

Nationalist & The Globalist Are At War, The Election Fraud Awakening Is About To Happen

[DS] System Exposed For All To See, Election Fraud Death Blow, The Storm Is Coming

Dismantling Of The [DS] Protection In Progress,Dog Comms, Control Returned To The People

[DS] Feeling Pain, Fear & Panic, Their Treasonous Coverup Is Falling Apart, Justice Is Coming

The Picture Is Becoming Clearer, Tyranny, Treason & Election Fraud, No Escape, No Deals

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