SITUATION UPDATE, 10/5/22 – American Medical Association Demands Doj Prosecute Journalists…

Situation Update, Oct 5, 2022 – American Medical Association demands DOJ prosecute journalists who oppose surgical child MUTILATIONS

0:00 Radical Leftists
18:02 Climate change
32:20 Food Crisis
1:06:18 Finance

– The AMA demands DOJ prosecute anyone who opposes surgical child mutilations
– Outrageous escalation of MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP that exploits children for profit
– Leftists demand ALL opposing views be censored on climate, covid, elections, trans, etc.
– Berkeley law students demand “NO JEW ZONES” where Jews are banned
– Left-wing UK nurse says conservatives should be left to DIE
– Migrants enjoy 5-star cruise ship in Netherlands while citizens starve
– Federal Reserve rolling out social credit scoring pilot project to enslave everyone
– Planterra to shut down its entire fake meat operation
– “Slow Food” activists demand global mass starvation and famine
– Radical Left is at WAR with the sky, the oceans, the sun and the elements
– 60% of Americans now living paycheck to paycheck
– Kiyosaki tells listeners to keep buying gold and silver even as it gets cheaper
– Total collapse of the power grid in Bangladesh

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