SITUATION UPDATE, 10/6/22 – MRNA “Vaccines” Actually Install A Bioweapons Staging Platform…

Situation Update, Oct 6, 2022 – mRNA “vaccines” actually INSTALL a bioweapons staging platform into your body

– Shocking dump of HHS records reveals world’s largest vaccine propaganda campaign
– The entire entertainment industry was BRIBED to push covid vaccines
– Black doctors were recruited, Evangelicals paid off
– Comedy writers BRIBED to mock anti-vaxxers in comedy routines
– Writers Guild screenwriters pumped with cash to push vaccine storylines
– Social media influencers paid off by HHS and CDC
– Massive campaign was never about immunization or health
– This was actually about INSTALLING human bodies with exotic technology
– Self-assembling biosynthetic structures are GROWING inside people
– Karen Kingston joins discussion about quantum dots, vax patents and nanotech
– External (5G) signals known to influence or ACTIVATE these nanostructures
– Humans could be HOSTS to exotic, self-constructing tech that runs on AI

0:00 Intro
2:42 Bombshell News
34:14 Karen Kingston
1:56:35 Economic News
2:00:03 Russia

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