Durham Sends A Message Before Trial, The Majesty Of The United States Is Gone 9-14-2022

Trump and the patriots have now brought the [CB]/[WEF] down the path where every move they make will look worse and worse, the people will see very clearly that the Fed is trapped. The crisis that is approaching will used to expose and destroy the [CB]. Durham has not sent a message before the October trial, he is letting everyone know the direction he is going in and the [DS] players are rushing against time. They will need distraction because the evidence that is going to be produced is going to show the same FBI and DOJ that are going after Trump is the same FBI and DOJ that meddled in the 2016 and 2020 election.Trump sends a message, “The majesty of the United States is gone”. Does this mean the King now be attacked and exposed?


  1. Who is the king Obama, Obiden, ?
    What steps will our military take?
    Or will it take a revolution to take back our country which would greatly weaken our country making an overland invasion easier for the communists which Obiden Soros the Clintons and the democratic cabal are pushing for?

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