25th Amendment Coming For Biden, How Do You Sneak One In, [DS] In A Deep Panic

DeSantis is now pushing back against gas stoves, it’s part of their agenda, he knows.  Scientist says going net zero will end modern civilization. FDIC bankers panicking, they know something big is about to happen. El Salvador votes to issue Bitcoin bonds.  The [DS] is panicking over Biden, he is a liability and they need away of getting rid of him. Trump predicted that the 25th Amendment would not be used against him it would be used against Biden. The [DS] has lost Twitter, the House is investigating, Hunter’s laptop is real, the house can get his taxes, the [DS] is now making a move on Biden, but Trump knew this would happen, why because he pushed them down this path, he knows the playbook. Is Biden mentally unfit or was this an act because he knew this was going to happen eventually. The [DS] treasonous crimes are being exposed.

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