Agenda: Grinding America Down (2010)

The Communist Movement in America

“When Idaho legislator Curtis Bowers wrote a ‘letter to the editor’ about the drastic changes in America’s culture, it became the feature story on the evening news, people protested at the Capitol, and for weeks the local newspapers were filled with responses. He realized then, he’d hit on something. Ask almost anyone and you’ll hear, ‘Communism is dead! The Berlin Wall came down.’ Though the word communism isn’t used anymore, this film will show the ideas behind it are alive and well. Join Bowers for a fascinating look at the people and groups that have successfully targeted America’s morality and freedom in their effort to grind America down”.

Idaho legislator, Curtis Bowers, writes, directs, produces and stars in this 93 minute film chronicling the communist agenda in America. Through interviews with various celebrities of the religious and political right, including Stanton Evans, Wendy Wright, Phyllis Schlafly, Ed Messe, Steve King, and Trevor Louden, and several others, the film presents the idea that a plan to destroy the traditional values of America, This plan has been successfully evolving over the years through the values of the political left. It traces the connections of this agenda from Karl Marx to President Obama through such movements as environmentalism, educational reform, freedom of choice and feminism. Valuable to see no matter which side you think you are on.

In this documentary, the policies and government of America are explored in a highly educated way. A great deal of intelligence and critical thinking is demonstrated by Bowers.

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