Best Kept Secret Chapter 1: The Beast

By Sean Stone. (Oliver Stones son)
Human trafficking, pedophilia, ‘Satanic’ politics… The Jeffrey Epstein scandal was the tip of the iceberg as Sean Stone, the former host of Buzzsaw, lays out the hidden agenda of the dark elite in this six-part documentary series…

In this ‘red pill’ journey, Stone explores famous cases like the Franklin Scandal, MK-Ultra and Monarch programming, the Jon Benet Ramsey murder and even the Son of Sam case, to connect the dots of a dangerous ideology, now driving the philosophy of a ‘trans-humanist’ idea – to remake the human being. As more and more people awaken to these hidden truths, the more rapidly we can rise to take our power back.

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  1. Your films are stunning in quality and material. No surprise there working with There are no coincidences. My endless gratitude to you for the depth and quality of your work. It is done with an astounding palpilable passion. Thank you for your extraordinary works. Splinter them baby.

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