The truth is absolutely beautiful if you give it a chance. Quite possibly the most important series of two videos I’ve ever uploaded. Apply these principals and you’ll not only be healthy, but you’ll also understand so much more about our world and the lies we continue supporting.

Part 1: http://americanpatriotsocial.com/video1/everything-you-think-you-know-is-wrong-part-one/

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  1. Knowledge show a lot good information and amazing History and the lies of people trying to manipulate the world for power .Our Father create the universe with amazing astrology and ciencia. The dud who put together this explanation for sure never felt the Holy Spirit, a lie and a book never can survive hundreds of years with out the Holy Spirit if Amezing soldiers lay down their lives for their Country and their people a lot Christians in all the world that know The Father and Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit lay down their lives before Jesus.
    Is strange that only Jesus is a lie what about Buda, way no body care about Ala etc…

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