A controversial movie that was nearing completion about the central government taking over society. The director and writer of the film David Crowley, 29, was found dead in his apartment in an apparent ‘murder suicide’ along with his wife, Komel, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter on January 18 2015.

The movie is an incendiary look at the state of the world and it highlights all of the issues that we face as a society, the power of information is the most useful tool for us all to use. If you agree with anything that is said in the documentary please share with as many people as you can.

Consider that this is NOT the Movie “Grey State” which was produced by David Crowley. This is a Documentary containing Material of the whole Production of “Grey State”
The Movie “Grey State” was never released to the public but it was almost finished. On further Information and Investigation of the Case David Crowley please visit the Channel of Greg Fernadez Jr and his search for Truth on Videos labeled “Grey Stage”


  1. I have been waiting to see the movie “Grey Stare” since the death of the producer ..’David Crowley” was suicided. I firmly believe we are slowly sliding into this evil situated and this world is very dangerous. Here in Canada we have had a COUP. This is now 2023. We can not even defend ourselves. Just saying. Knowledge is power. I would still want to see this movie. Thanks for what you do. Be Blessed.

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