How To Opt Out Of The Technocratic State, 2nd Edition (Audiobook)

Updated Introduction – 0:00

Original Introduction – 9:16

Part 1: Technocracy, Counter-Economics, and the Future of Freedom 14:13

  1. What is Technocracy?
  2. Counter-Economics and Agorism
  3. Vertical and Horizontal Agorism
    4.The Drawbacks (and Solutions) to Living the Counter-Economic Lifestyle

Part 2: Counter-Economics as a Solution to Technocracy

  1. Counter-Economics for the Digital Age
  2. The Counter-Economic Community: Freedom Cells
  3. The Counter-Economic Underground Railroad
  4. Final Thoughts on Surviving the Digital Dystopia

Part 3: Counter-Economics: From the Back Alleys to the Stars by SEK3

  1. Tax Counter-Economics
  2. International Counter-Economics
  3. Soviet Counter-Economics
  4. Drug Counter-Economics
  5. Inflation Counter-Economics
  6. Information Counter-Economics

As humanity enters the second decade of the 21st century, we find ourselves at the precipice of a Technocratic Age where Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Technology, and the Internet of Things are becoming a part of everyday life. This technology provides benefits but comes at a cost—corporations, governments, law enforcement, and hackers are all capable of peering into our lives at any moment. Corporations and governments are even learning to use technology in a way that allows them to be the “social engineers” of society. The concept of social credit is also becoming increasingly popular, and the likelihood that citizens will face negative consequences for choosing to speak about controversial topics or criticizing authorities is only going to increase.

In his new book, author Derrick Broze examines the current push towards smart grid technology and explores the concept of Technocracy. Is this obscure political theory from the 20th century the guiding force behind the move towards a digital dystopia? What are the implications for a world that is always plugged in and on “the grid”? How can one maintain privacy and liberty in a society that is based on mass surveillance, technological control, and the loss of individuality?

Broze believes the answers to our problems can be found in the work of political philosopher Samuel E. Konkin, and what he termed, Counter-Economics. Konkin outlined a specific strategy and mentality that encouraged “opting out” of the State’s economic system, as well as any other system that does not align with one’s values. By understanding the importance of Konkin’s ideas it may be possible to adapt them to our digital world and forge a path towards liberty, privacy, and equality.

Do you want to understand the philosophy which guides our digital world? Are you looking for practical solutions to maintain privacy and liberty?

It is time to learn how to opt-out of the Technocratic State.

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