JEKYLL ISLAND UNCOVERED: Titanic Indians, Child Sacrifice & The Federal Reserve

JEKYLL ISLAND UNCOVERED – Titanic Indians, Child Sacrifice & The Federal Reserve

In 1910, a group of the richest men in the world took part in a secret meeting at Jekyll Island, Georgia, just across the Florida border. The occasion for this clandestine gathering was the conception of the Federal Reserve Banking System as a direct remedy to The Panic of 1907; the first worldwide financial crisis of the twentieth century. Instead of “enhancing the stability of American banking”, as these men pretended it would, the Federal Reserve would instead cast the entire Earth into multiple world wars and an even more terrible financial crisis; The Great Depression of 1929; However, with the signing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, the men involved in that secret meeting at Jekyll Island guaranteed the fortunes of their respective families and business partners for generations to come. As a result of this legislation a majority of humanity is today fiscally enslaved by an international cult of banking elite.

In 1994 American author Filmmaker and Army Veteran G. Edward Griffin published The Creature From Jekyll Island which uncovered the secrecy and motives behind that infamous meeting at The Jekyll Island Clubhouse. Although the book is wonderfully written and meticulously researched, it failed to consider the unique Native American History of Southeast Georgia and how ancient Indian magick may have fostered such a despicable deed. It would not be until American preacher and Christian Mystic Timothy Bence gave a telephone interview around 2012 about a trip to Jekyll Island just before the 2007 Financial Collapse that a more insidious connection between the federal reserve and ritualistic human sacrifice was brought to light. Bence told of how an unusually tall tribe of Indians known as the Timucua native to the area sacrificed their first-born children in a nearly identical manner to the Canaanites from the Old Testament; going as far as to reveal that a cottage on the island owned by John D Rockefeller, one of the wealthiest men in the world, had been built on top of the very spot where a sacrificial altar once stood.

Although these stories have been touched on by others, I do not believe any have done it the justice it deserves. I found most of these videos to be preoccupied with Hollywood fairytales, lazily edited, and in one case they had actually selectively censored much of Tim Bence’s interview; leaving out vital connections to Israel’s historical record of usury and blood sacrifice along with almost all mentions of Bence’s religious inspiration for exposing Jekyll Island in the way that he did. These videos were also lacking in an intimate knowledge of the Florida / Georgia Coastline and its native peoples. And on my channel, you can rest assured that you will never see a misleading AI-generated thumbnail or hear an AI generated script…

In light of these shortcomings, my girlfriend and I set out to uncover the forbidden history of Jekyll Island, Georgia and verify the story of Timothy Bence by actually going there ourselves. With God’s good graces, much prayer and protection in the form of cigar and marijuana smoke we ventured in to what some would consider the most evil place on earth. Despite attempts by some government officials to obstruct the truth from us, we met exactly who we needed to speak with and were granted access to every place that we needed to see, even the restricted ones; all of which we captured with audio and video recording. Join us as we uncover the Rockefeller Family, Henry Flagler, JP Morgan, The sinking of the Titanic, Real-life Giants, Indian Mounds, Golf, Occult Secret Societies, and a few suspicious technological innovations as they relate to the hidden history of Florida and Georgia. This video is lengthy, and information-dense so make sure to kick back, spark up and pour yourself a little liquid sunshine while you’re at it. The views expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect my own, now enjoy.

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