Major Announcement From Trump, America Needs A Superhero

The Biden admin needed to let 9 million people know they haven’t received their loan forgiveness because it’s in court. Inflation was around 2% when Biden became the resident, now it’s 7.1%. The Fed just raised the rates by .5%, right on schedule.The [DS] is panicking over the information that EM has been releasing. EM says that they now have communications between Fauci and Twitter. The election rigging has now been brought out into the open, people see how the elections were manipulated. Kari Lakes case might end up helping Trump. Slowly but surely the [DS] crimes are being exposed, child exploitation, child tracking, pedophilia, election rigging, overthrowing the US Government, pandemic fraud etc.The [DS] is a trapped animal and Trump is making an announcement, America needs a hero he says, [DS] readies ammunition, [FF].

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  1. You are our super hero for America!! So proud to call you Mr President. Years ago we were brought into the IRA dream and I had miss givings but we opened it based on hope for the future. The crash of 2008 took it away!!

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