For people who are searching for the answers to their questions, you may find them in this interview with James Casbolt (aka Michael Prince), and the late Max Spiers, with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot Portal. ADVANCED content way beyond democrat vs republican crap. I have suspected this for some time now, what James says about how they basically have joined forces. In another interview Max called this the “Raelians” (music industry interview below). The trick of the shills on bitchute is to blame everything on “the jews” but really the 4th Reich and the Zionists are one in the same now working together to reduce the population, although there is infighting between them, they still control most of the world through the financial system which owns the corporations whom are members of “think tanks” and secret societies. At this point only the dumbest people, or the NWO faction themselves, will say “conspiracy theory”.

At 6:00, James mentions “kroll”. Side note, Kroll were involved in the World Trade Center Twin Towers “terrorist” attack. 

At 13:20 they are talking about their relationship, James and Max, when they were younger, and James says that at one safe house they were at, Josef Mengele was there in Briar. Kerry asks, isn’t he dead? James and Max both reply, “no”. They say that Mengele is still alive and Max believes he is in New York, James says that he was living in Florida and that he put on a lot of weight and was going by the name Steven Rabel.

28:00 James talks about the reptilian species. “Two reptilian factions”. For about ten minutes they talk about the Anunnaki and old bloodlines, “Marduk”, and how some of them are here on Earth “flesh and blood” people.

At 40:00 “Goodwood Hill video footage, we talked about on Bases nine with Miles” (Johnston).

54:00 Underground bases. Max – “…CLC1 base, which is the central of London underground base…”.

57:00 “space program”…”Houston”… “NASA”… “underground”. “Mars”, “there are apartments there, identical to Phoenix and Sedona, like Sidonia”.

58:00 “Black triangle” (see TR3B). They talk about a battle at Cape Town Africa, “black triangle” vs a “cigar shaped” “air”craft.

1:00:00 “Aldebaran” (see follow-up video below, and also notice how word Aldebaran spelling auto-corrects if you misspell it).

Then they transition into talking about social engineering and examples such as charles manson and how he was programmed with racial divide (paraphrasing) to start a civil war. (fear based control again, over people). “The 4th reich essentially is going to keep social engineering these situations you know like the helter skelter and manson in the sixties, and the L.A. riots”.

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