Shot Dead The Movie [Covid Shot]

This is the movie we wish we didn’t have to make. But this is a movie everyone needs to see. For the first time ever, hear the stories of covid shot deaths as told by the parents who lost their children.

Hear from the families brave enough to speak up and admit that the shot killed their children. Hear from the ones who have refused to keep quiet. We all know that there are so many who have sold out to pharma, denying that their loved ones were hurt or killed by the shots. But there is no amount of money or threats that can keep these parents from speaking truth in honor of their children…and so this doesn’t happen to one more child.

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  1. There aren’t enough words ~ the pain & sadness I felt watching this beautifully put together movie has me crying my eyes out for all involved. But my pain & tears is only a tiny fraction of what the families involved are feeling & going through. Kudos to these parents, families & those who step up to tell their story. They’re fighting the battle for their loved one whose life was taken in a horrific way by sharing the truth! By bringing forth awareness that this vaccine is at its worst DEADLY or at the very least DEBILITATING, hopefully the eyes & hearts of Humanity will be opened & many will get onboard offering support in whatever way they can. These Pfizer monsters and other vaccine companies must be stopped & ‘SHOT DEAD’ for their Crimes Against Humanity that they knowingly carried out & continue trying to do.

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