Songbird The Covid-23 Movie



By 2024, the COVID-19 has been mutated into COVID-23 and the world is in its fourth Quarantine year. In the United States, the nation’s government is converted into a fascist police state and the people are required to take temperature checks on their cell phones while those infected with COVID-23 are taken from their homes against their will and forced into quarantine camps, also known as “Q-Zones” or concentration camps, where some fight back against the brutal restrictions. In these camps, the infected are left to die or forcibly get better.

Nico Price, a motorbike courier with immunity, due to the fact he was infected with the virus, is in a virtual relationship with Sara Garcia, a young artist living with her grandmother Lita whose lockdown prohibits them from physical contact. Nico works for Lester, who specializes in delivering packages to wealthy individuals. One of their biggest clients is the Griffins, Piper and William, whose daughter Emma has an auto-immune disorder. William is a former record executive having sex with May, a singer who makes a living online selling covers of classic songs. May develops a bond with Michael Dozer, a disabled war veteran who works for Lester as a drone operator to keep track of their couriers.

One night, Lita begins to show symptoms of COVID-23 while the “sanitation” department, led by Emmett Harland, is forcing Sara’s neighbor Alice out of her apartment after she becomes infected. Harland warns Sara that their apartment building has seen a rise in infections. He has also killed one of the infected individuals who escaped from the nearby Q-zone with a pocket knife. Sara informs Nico about Lita’s condition, leading Nico to spend the night by Sara’s apartment door. In the morning, Sara passes her temperature check, but Lita fails hers. Nico promises to keep Sara from being taken.

Nico contacts Lester to let him know that he’s aware they are transporting illegal immunity wristbands. Lester tells him the Griffins are the ones selling them. When he goes to their house, the Griffins give Nico the phone number of their supposed supplier. Nico ends up meeting with Harland at a warehouse, revealing it to be a trap which Nico escapes.

As Sara is waiting for Nico, Lita dies. The “sanitation” department arrives to bag Lita and detain Sara. Sara knocks out one of the members and takes his hazmat suit before escaping the building. Harland and his team ultimately catch up to Sara, where he notes that Sara has yet to show symptoms of COVID-23 despite her exposure and is therefore immune. Sara is detained shortly afterward.

William demands to see May again, but May continually refuses, claiming she recorded him offering her an illegal immunity wristband. Piper overhears William’s phone call with May and kicks him out of the house. William leaves to silence May, which Piper calls May to warn her about. May asks Dozer if she can stay with him, to which he agrees. When trying to leave, May’s car won’t start. William arrives and tries to kill May, but Dozer uses a weaponized drone to kill William and save May.

Nico returns to the Griffins and confronts Piper, who says she was concerned Nico was trying to expose their illegal business. When Nico says he’s only interested in saving Sara, Piper finally agrees to help and gives him a wristband for Sara. Nico returns to Sara’s apartment to find Harland, who tries to attack Nico but is ultimately killed by Nico in self-defense. Nico finds Sara’s cell phone with a picture of the containment van and its tail number. With Lester and Dozer’s help, Nico races to the Q-Zone before Sara can be taken in. Nico is able to slip the immunity bracelet on Sara in time to be scanned, saving her from quarantine. As they embrace for the first time, Sara tells Nico she is truly immune.

In the aftermath, Piper and May frame William and Harland as those responsible for the sale of illegal immunity wristbands. May and Dozer begin a virtual relationship. Nico sends Lester his own immunity bracelet as thanks while he and Sara ride up the Pacific Coast Highway.

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