The End Of America, Non Conformists Are Enemies Of The Zionist State

Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual FM 3-39.40

The US government dept of Homeland Security have been stockpiling over 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo which includes hollow point bullets, armoured vehicles, as well as highly sophisticated weaponry for the past 10 years, the question is why? The DHS are a domestic organisation, who exactly are they planning on going to war against? This video will leave no doubt whatsoever WHO the Zionist controlled government view as their sworn enemy.. The Bush administration constructed over 1400 FEMA detention centres throughout the US which have lay empty for more than 24 years, and were built for a very [specific] time in the future, allegedly for immigrants, but in reality they were constructed to imprison government dissenters and non conformists..Some of this video contains various clips that have been erased from the internet, which I had used in other videos over the past 10 years while watching for the right crisis that will bring about an economic Armageddon and the opening of those camps.

It is quite clear that those camps, some with rail road tracks which were also specially constructed for those detention centres, are going to become fully operational very soon, a 5G dark winter mingled with CV19 paranoia will help fill them to the max with millions of innocent unsuspecting people that will be targeted for [either] communist re-education OR extermination, be under no illusions this is where America is headed, those who think that Trump is going to save them are in for one hell of a rude awakening when they finally understand that they have been mugged in broad daylight by President Trumpstien of Zion, and king of the Kabbalah..

I will FOREWARN of something else that is coming, which some are outright rejecting and that is an ENGINEERED global famine of biblical proportions, if you are able to do it, you should stock up on non perishable foods because when the day of reckoning arrives all that most people will have to eat is what is contained in their kitchen cupboards and freezer, that will be it! THERE WILL BE NO MORE FOOD, unless you comply with the new Luciferian Bolshevik government.. A worldwide famine is absolutely on it’s way and will catch many people by surprise, Bolshevik communism always begins with a REVOLUTION and a CLEANSING of the free thinkers and non-conformists..

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