Here is the four episodes of “My Struggle” in the X Files series in which all things are evolving around the “Bio weapon conspiracy”, the “Viruses”, “the alternating DNA Vaccine” a.k.a transhumanism , the “depopulation plan” and the “powerful” PCR “test”…blah blah blah! very very tempting eh!

I have to admit that THEY are really clever indeed, in the way of understanding the “we the people” and their thinking or the lack of it.

That’s why they made their plans “known” to the public as an entertaining fictional conspiracy with every real conspiracy in it, including the “moon landing!” This is a kind of a conspiracy theory within conspiracy theories to make all just conspiracy fiction! So, this kind of “future prediction” is NO COINCIDENCE at all. Don’t forget that Hollywood is one of their tools and instruments of the social engineering machine. And their MO is always mixing limited hangout, half truth, and lies in order to make a perfect disinformation!

Whatever viewers may think of after having enjoyed these episodes, two things will be reinforced deeper and stronger in the mind of the public: That is the forever battle “viruses vs vaccine” is “real” and that whatever “conspiracy” is being discussed out there will be shrugged off as fictional tv series as “the X Files!”

THEY always win. Because whatever THEY do is always beyond people’s comprehension, beyond what people have been taught and indoctrinated.

Enjoy the conspiracy folks.

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