MAJOR BOOM: Sen. Marsha Blackburn issues subpoena for Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs. What this means and will we finally find out who Epstein’s clients and co-conspirators are? The DOJ announces a sophisticated high-end brothel with elite clients including government contractors and elected officials may be part of a Chinese espionage plot — is this another Epstein type honeypot operation to blackmail powerful individuals? Former CIA officer pleads guilty to federal charges of sexually abusing, drugging and videotaping naked women — what is really going on with the CIA? Underground tunnels, hotels, The Finders, the CIA, The McMartin Preschool scandal and child sex trafficking — down we go this deep rabbit hole. RIP fake news — media outlets who lied about Pizzagate continue to die a slow death. Interview with Andrew Sorchini on Biden’s economy, the risks of working with banks and other financial companies and why investing in precious metals is the safest way to protect your wealth.

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