Coup De Grâce Coming, The Tide Is Turning, Political Warfare, Information Warfare

The players are all the same, they are pushing the Green New Deal for control and to become rich. Coal is being used more now than in the past because of the [WEF] GND push. The jobs that the Biden administration continued to push are false, the overestimated the jobs. Trump calls out Mitch McConnell and the omibus bill. The [DS] is now panicking because they lost the control of the Twitter weapon. The fake news is scrambling because they were suspended spreading a tracking link, which is against the TOS of Twitter. The [DS] lost control and now as more info comes out they are going to react. Kari Lake is now allowed to review some of the ballots. Everything is connected and in the end all the [DS] players will be exposed and the will be implicated in the pandemic, election fraud, censorship and treason.

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