[D] Corruption & Election Interference, [DS] Fighting For Their Lives, Something Big Coming

The [DS] is putting pressure on Russia trying to cap the fuel prices. Putin creates decree to override the cap. Germany is now using more coal than before.Massive number of people moving out of Ca. The Fed raising rates to control inflation will have the opposite effect. The [DS] is now fighting for their lives. The [D]’s corruption and election interference is now being exposed. The [DS] is feeling the pain as the Twitter Files are released. More information is on the way, something big is about to drop and the [DS] will scramble to counter it. The people see the election interference, the case is building each day and the people want to go back to one day vote. The [DS] system is imploding and everything they are doing to try to stop this just exposes their crimes.

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  1. We keep waiting for big things to happen. It may be after Americans are literally starving or freezing to death, not to bypass the clot shots being exposed because insurance companies won’t cover any death related to the covid clot shots. It is an experimental drug, all the side effects are well known, so insurance companies are considering it suicide when ppl get them anyway.
    By the time it becomes in-your-face what the ‘elite’ have been doing, no one will continue backing these evil govt elite.

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