It Has Begun, Trump Counters The [DS], IBOR, Comey Before Declas

As the Biden admin continually funds other countries with taxpayer money, their agenda is going down the tubes, this was all suppose to be done using a cover story. The economy is hitting the people hard and the people know it. The Bitcoin regulation is unconstitutional. How do you introduce a digital wallet?  The [DS] was tricked, Trump made an announcement and they thought it was about playing cards, the real announcement came later. The announcement was how Trump was going to drain the swamp when he is inaugurated. It has begun, Trump will counter everything the [DS] is doing. The [DS] players are completely silent on the violation of the constitution. Trump has all the leverage and the [DS] will be nothing by the end of all this. Trump just signaled that Comey is now on deck. Comey before Declas.

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