Optics Are Important, Foreign Emoluments Clause In Focus, Operators Active

The UK and the European countries are struggling this winter, the gas problem is getting worse and the people are going to hit the economic precipice. The [WEF] is pushing their carbon agenda, this will fail before it gets started. The [DS] is now going down the path the patriots want them to go down. The optics are very important, all the information about election interference has not come from Trump it has come from other sources. The information of the [DS] working with big tech has come from other sources. This is being done so the [DS] cannot say Trump is making this all up. The next event is on its way, Trump already setup the [DS], they are now letting everyone know how important the Constitution is. What happens if the [DS] suspends the Constitution without congress during their [FF] event? Military is standing by, operators are now active.

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