Shall We Play A Game, How About A Nice Game Of Chess, 4-D Chess, War Games

The [D]s are showing the people how they don’t care, the diesel supply has only 25 days left, lack of diesel could cripple the economy. [NP] says that inflation is not that big of deal, it’s a world wide phenomenon, the student loan cancellation was halted by a judge. The economic agenda is going to boomerang on the [D]s.  The [DS] want meant to believe they had the power and Trump was weak. This is the art of war. The [DS] is losing on all fronts, the people see their true agenda and Trump is using it against them. Trump mentions that people believe he is playing 4-D chess. Trump did n0t go straight at the [DS], he had to wake the people and use the power of the people against them. The plan is working, Trump confirms this with his rallies. WarGames are being played out right in front of the people.

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