Those Who “Knowingly” Broke The Law [Treason] Are The Most Vocal, Narrative Control Lost

[JB] just paid off the union workers after he stiffed on the deal, is this how the D’s get votes, yes. LA is moving forward with electric only buildings, even though the electrical grid cannot handle it. The people can now see the [CB] agenda in regards to who’s bank account they shutdown. The [CB] are stacking gold. The [DS] has lost the control of the narrative, those who are no longer protected will scream the loudest. There is now way out for them, the protectors are disappearing, the fake news is going down the tubes and the news is no longer controlled by these organizations. The people are taking back control of information. Soon there will be no place for the treasonous criminals to hide, soon they won’t be able to walk down the street.

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